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Dimensions Details  
Size in mm

Dimensions Length Width Height
External 1475 715 1120
Internal 1280 530 675

Volume ( In Liters )*: 400


Packing: Stretched wrap PP film with Corrugate sheet.

Brief Discription:

SI-0400ECH is also called as combo freezer. It comes with two compartment one work as freezer (-30 °C) & one works as chiller (2 to 8 °C)

  • Technical Details:
  • Salient Features:
  • In-house design and development
  • Food grade and Fit-For-Food certified product
  • UV stability product / Non degrading
  • Product design and construction with zero scope of deformation
  • Product with good isothermal property (K-Value) and insulation thickness
  • High impact and crack resistances product
  • Seamless products without joints
  • Option to implant RFID on the product
  • External marking, engraving, labeling, printing possible
  • Multi-colour option available
  • Replaceable inner tank in Eutectic freezers
  • Rust free and cleaning possible
  • Product is repairable for minor damages
  • Product mounting facility for mounting on trucks
  • Easily available and replaceable accessories

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