Plastic moulding since 24 years



Dimensions Details   2%
Size in mm

Dimensions Length Width Height
External 6220 1200 1350
Mould Space Area  3600 700 NA

Volume ( In Liters )*: NA


Packing: Stretched wrap PP film with Corrugate sheet or Wooden box.

Brief Discription:

Seaplast Candy Maker System revolutionary the process from the traditional methods used in candy making. Ig provided durable solution to our all customers requirement. This machine is capable of making more candies in lesser time.

  • Technical Details:
  • Salient Features:
  • In-house design and development
  • Food grade and Fit-For-Food certified product
  • UV stability product / Non degrading
  • Product design and construction with zero scope of deformation
  • Product with good isothermal property (K-Value) and insulation thickness
  • High impact and crack resistances product
  • Seamless products without joints
  • Option to implant RFID on the product
  • External marking, engraving, labeling, printing possible
  • Multi-colour option available
  • Replaceable inner tank in Eutectic freezers
  • Rust free and cleaning possible
  • Product is repairable for minor damages
  • Product mounting facility for mounting on trucks
  • Easily available and replaceable accessories

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